Example Camera HTC U11, Want To Know The Results?

BuletinUPThere are many manufacturers of smartphones that have been prepared in order to compete with its competitors, one of which is the HTC U11. Mobile devices are the flagship HTC arable in the know has the ability of the camera is above average, even though the camera lens in gunakannya is not too large, but this phone has the latest technology supported by the latest chipset Qualcomm hosts, it is none other than Qualcomm Snapdragon 835.

With a 12 MP camera lens technology Ultrapixel camera, this phone is claimed to generate skore DxOMark test by 90 points. In addition, the HTC also equip it with the UltraSpeed Autofocus, bringing aperture f/1.7 and a large sensor with 1/2.55 ", in which the presence of such event was able to make it can produce the best low light photos every time, even on the said produce was above average, here are a few samples that we can from GSMarena.

Camera HTC U11, Want To Know The Results?

The resulting color detail looks so clear and sharp. Colors – bright colors seem so vivid, it is very suitable for PAL the enthusiast of photography, because it no longer need to carry large cameras to produce the best image quality, but the dude just has had enough of the latest flagship phone device from HTC. And not to be outdone by the main part, at the front-line, HTC U11 provided themselves with a camera lens 16 MP.

The use of Aperture f/2.0, comes a complete filter, which can adjust to your needs, even with the front camera you can produce video in Full HD quality. Not only that the primary camera, with which he carried, you as the user can get the videos in 1080 p resolution 4 k, then with 120 FPS frame rate. How menrut PAL will result in the above video, clear and clear the test, especially if not tried it outdoors and bright, definitely looks more clear again.


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