Canon Printer App For Android

Canon Printer App For Android - Set your printer using the "Canon Inkjet PRINT/SELPHY", an application for Android.
Use the "Canon SELPHY/Inkjet PRINT" to print or scan from a smart phone or tablet.
You can also use it to check the model number of the printer ink and other information.
In this section, a description based on the screen that is displayed when using the Android 6.0.

Canon Printer App For Android


To download the application, you must register a Google account.
The application can be downloaded for free; However, the cost of transmission to connect to Google Play effect.
The download is not possible if the environment your operating system does not support the application. Application download page may not appear.

Setup Application

After you have finished installing the application, follow the steps below to register the printer. 


If you have a wireless router, connect your smart phone into a wireless router.
If you don't have a wireless router, disable Wi-Fi in the Wi-Fi settings screen on your smart phone.
For procedures, refer to the operating instructions supplied with the smart phone or a wireless router, or contact the manufacturer of smart phones or wireless router.

The screen that is displayed may vary depending on Your smart phone. 

1. Make sure the printer is already lit.

2.Start the application and tap (Register a printer) on the top left of the screen.
The license screen appears at the time of initial activation.
3.If the following screen appears, tap Yes (Yes), and then follow the instructions on the screen to register the printer.

If the following screen does not appear, proceed to step 5.

4.Check whether your printer appears at the top of the screen
When the listed printers appear on the top screen, Setup is complete.
If your printer is not detected, continue to the next step to continue Setup.

5.Tap register your printer (the Printer Registers).
Detection of the printer starts.When the detection of the printer is finished, tap the name of your printer that appears in the screen > OK.
Change the printer name if necessary.

6.Check whether your printer appears at the top of the screen.
When the listed printers appear on the top screen, Setup is complete.
If your printer is not detected, continue to the next step to continue Setup.
Detection may take time.
If the printer is not detected even though the network connection has been completed, make sure the printer is connected to the same wireless router with Your smart phone.

7.Tap Laksanakn Pngsetn Wireless LAN (Perform Wireless LAN Setup).
 Prepare the connection on the printer.

8.After the preparation of the connection on the printer is finished, return to the application screen and tap the Plh Scr Auto Connection Method (recommended) (Auto Select Conn. Method recommended).
Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the setup of the network.

9.Check whether your printer appears at the top of the screen.
When the listed printers appear on the top screen, Setup is complete.
If it does not appear, repeat the Setup again from step 7.
On the connection Method Plh Scr Auto (recommended) (Auto Select Conn. Method recommended)), the Setup is done by letting the application automatically determines which connection method is more appropriate in Your smart phone: Connect via a wireless router (Connect via wireless router) or a direct connection (Direct Connection).
For the restriction on direct connection

Print Using The Application

  1. Start the application.
  2. Tap Select Images.
  3. Select the picture you want to print, and then tap Print
  4. Specify the printer settings to use, paper size, and more.
  5. Tap Print
Printing starts with the specified settings.


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