App Locks For Android

App Locks For Android - Lately a lot of issues about privacy security smartphones and increasingly serious only. Well the latest information leaked by WikiLeaks, diyakni the CIA has been spying on users of Android and iOS based smartphone in the world.

Many of the steps that you can be reached to secure your data from malicious cyber attacks or malware. Let's start from the most basic, i.e. with a lock any application embedded in a smartphone.

want practical or safe? If you care about your privacy, you will choose a secure, although it was a bit inconvenient. The following application locker the best application for Android.

Application Locker the best for Android

By using these key applications, which means that you add an additional layer of security.  This is a selection of the applications you need.

1.AppLock by DoMobile Lab

App Locks For Android

AppLock creation developer DoMobile Lab is one of the best applications in the Android key. In addition, the application also can lock a variety of features on a smartphone. Here's his review??

  • Download and install AppLock applications.
  • First open the application, you will be asked to create a pattern or patterns.
  • After that, you can lock down content such as photos and videos, protect install/uninstall applications, lock notifications, and features like Auto Sync, Bluetooth, WiFi.
  • The trick with click lock icon to open.
  • Amazingly you can also integrate the features fingerprint sensor to unlock the application.

2.AppLock - Fingerprint Unlock

App Locks For Android

AppLock-Fingerprint Unlock lock is an application in the Android application developer hosts Cheetah Mobile. Don't worry, unlike other Mobile Cheetah applications, this one doesn't have ads.

In addition to the application, you will also lock the photos, WiFi, Bluetooth, an incoming call, uninstall applications, settings, and more. This application is absolutely free.

3.AppLock by IVYMOBILE

App Locks For Android

Carrying the same name, this made AppLock developer IVYMOBILE. Its function is only to lock the application only, so it's simpler.

However, you can change the look of the lock screen application with various themes that you want. You can also customize it with a variety of regulations that are available.

4.App Locker - Best App Lock

App Locks For Android

You can also rely on App Locker-Best App developer artificial Burakgon Lock to lock the application. However, they cautioned that this application will probably not work on mobile phones-made Huawei and Xiaomi.

Its function is not much different from most of the above applications, but it looks more interesting. Yes, you can lock a wide array of applications with pattern, PIN, or with fingerprints and changing the look of the theme of the lockscreen.

5.Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos

App Locks For Android

Lastly there is an application lock Vault-Hide SMS, the hosts developers & Pics Videos NQ Mobile Security (NYSE: NQ). The advantage this application offers more functionality.

You can lock the SMS, pictures, videos, contacts, call logs, and other sensitive info. In addition, the application also offers a browser privacy (using Chrome in incognito mode).

that's 5 best screen locking app for Android. By adding this basic security layers, of course make your smartphone more secure.


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