Android vs Windows Phone Performance

Android vs Windows Phone Performance - Lately, smartphones became one of the most loved gadgets on the market. See the enormous consumer interest against the device, manufacturers are introducing new products, intense smartphone with features that do not exist in the product before. Competition is bringing positive impact for consumers especially those who want to get the best products at attractive rates. OS is one of the main proponents of a smartphone. Without an operating system, smartphone can not be operated. In other words, the OS also determines the quality of the smartphone itself. If you want to buy a smartphone, you also need to compare operating system in it. Android, iOS, and Windows Phone operating system is that applied to the smartphone. How does the comparison between Android and Windows Phone 8?

Seen in terms of popularity, Android is far superior to the Windows Phone. Of market share, the percentage of Windows Phone is very small (only about 3%). Keep in mind, Android became a very popular operating system due to the easy operation, supported by many applications, and its development is also very fast. Android is an operating system which is quite user friendly because it supports touch-screen features. Just by touching the button or icon, users can access the menus and features of Android. The Android system also became the choice because users can access thousands of free applications Google-provided in Play Store. If you compare the version of Android Froyo and Gingerbread, the difference of the two OS is so significant. Although the difference between the 'age' of both operating systems is not too big, its development was quite rapidly.

how about the popularity of Windows Phone 8? Windows Phone 8 is indeed not long ago entered the smartphone market, but the company has been ranked among the top operating system for desktop PC or notebook.  Maybe Windows need quite a long time to attract consumer interest and gain higher market share. Unlike Android used by many famous smartphone manufacturer, Windows Phone might arguably quiet enthusiasts. Nokia Lumia indeed achieve sales that was satisfactory, but the sales could not boost the popularity of Windows Phone. In addition, sales of Lumia still far below the iPhone.

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How about a comparison of features between Android and Windows Phone? Features that have been developed in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is indeed much better than the previous version. Operating system for Smartphones also provides access for its users to enjoy multimedia entertainment through Google's Play. Android users can get applications, music, or the latest film in accordance with their wishes. Users can also get the good games are free as well as paid. Windows Phone 8 offers access to enjoy music through Xbox Music. Compared to Google's Play, the number of games for Windows Phone users 8 is still little, but users can get exclusive games that can not be found easily. The number of applications for Windows Phones themselves are indeed less than Android. Windows Phone 8 provides only about 100,000 apps and Android provides more than 600,000 applications to its users. To make users stay connected to each other, Android also provides integration through various social media such as Twitter and Facebook. However, Windows Phone 8 added LinkedIn and Windows Live to its users.

Which operating system do you like more? In terms of popularity, Android is indeed far superior to Windows Phone. Seen from the features, both operating systems have advantages of each.

Many among the lay people are confused in terms of choosing a phone line they will have. But most people tend to favour to both of these operating systems, Android and Windows Phone. Because both operating systems that are more prominent than others, both in terms of features or applications available.

The difference of Android and Windows Phone

Well, after the appearance of the Windows Phone that carried the famous manufacturers such as HTC and Nokia with his series of Lumia, many are thinking twice between select android or Windows Phone. Therefore, the Tabloid Gadgets will discuss about the difference the Android and Windows Phone that may be your consideration in selecting them,

Android and windows phone is "wrong two" smartphone mobile phone operating system that is currently master of the global mobile market. Just look at the number of samsung mobile users with OS android and windows phone with nokia lumia which increase is incredible. The fundamental difference of the two OS these are companies that develop it, Android is developed by and Windows Phone is developed by Microsoft. In addition to the fundamental thing that's actually what aja sih differences between both OS'S? Let's check it out guys!

Android vs Windows Phone Performance

Android vs Windows Phone Performance

1. The availability of the Application

Android: linux-based OS, eases IT fans or programmer create new applications because of their artificial freely distributed applications with open source license, shareware or freeware. This is what makes android so much availability of applications and are able to penetrate the 700,000 apps number in November 2012.

Windows Phones: Windows Phone provides a Marketplace as a place to download a variety of applications. And being ranked the 3rd in number of applications, but applications that provided belongs to a little compared to the android OS. Windows Phone is only able to penetrate the figure 100,000 apps in November 2012.

2. Security

Android: result of open source, many of the ignorant programmer also makes malware that make android OS's security is threatened. This malware can even cause the loss of the entire mobile phone data. But this can be prevented by careful to install the application.

Windows Phones: The OS on this one is already recognized as a well-known OS. Until today there is no malware is able to penetrate the security. But by looking at the growth of malware that is so rapidly, there's a chance this OS can be exploited new malware at a later date.

3. User Interface

Android: with widgets and layout that can be arranged according to the wishes of the user, the user interface of android will not be boring. But, should a new user interface makes android in order to escape from the shadow of iOS:) Windows phones: Windows phone has a unique UI and much different from Android or iOS. They call it the modern UI with UI that is considered simple compared to android.

Windows phones: Windows phone has a unique UI and much different from Android or iOS. They call it the modern UI with UI that is considered simple compared to android.

4. Connection

Android: Has high speed internet access. Can be connected with all google services such as GMail, Google Maps, YouTube, Google, etc. Sms notification, email or social networking. And easy way to share data, using bluetooth or data cable.

Windows Phone: it has a high internet speed is the same as with android. Windows Phone has a deeper Integration with social networks because it provides the real time notification. Things are less fun than OS this is a time to share data. Windows phone 7 does not menyediaan the bluetooth feature, so it forces the user to download a new application to allow sending photos. Currently a new bluetooth feature provided in windows phone 8. Constraints also occur when we want to transfer data to a PC, we also need to install zune in advance in order to get connected. But kalo udah connect, integrate microsoft office windows phone to a PC is very easy. This can not be denied, by author Microsoft's own company.


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