5 Tips on speeding up Google Chrome on Android

5 Tips on speeding up Google Chrome on Android - The large number of applications the broswer on offer by the developers of android applications are indeed extremely helping us users of android smartphone to continue to be able to surf in virtual world starting from the UC Web, Opera Mini For Android Mozilla Fierfox, and also the most popular and most widely in use i.e. Google Chrome. Already a mandatory thing indeed broswer application must exist on this android-based phone due to the present broswing is common to always do every android phone users.

But as the title above, this time BuletinUP want to share like where do I speed up google chrome on android that almost every day application is always in use. Yes, use Google Chrome every day are indeed very helpful in seeking a user information that you want to know even with this google chrome application the user can save the page often in the open, the sync history from search that often do and also open the website by using incognito mode (incognito).

But from the continuous use in do, save the page too much will continue to make the performance of these applications will be reduced. Well, for my friend BuletinUP who want the performance of google chrome on android smartphone still has always had a good performance, it may speed up google chrome tips that we will review below can be tried.

5 Ways To Speed Up Google Chrome on Android

1. Chrome Updates

It is indeed no longer be a problem for users of android-based smartphones which every day is always connected to a wi-fi network because it will automatically perform updates every there are updates performed by google. But this is of course compulsory for users that are not always connected to the wi-fi network. Where melaklukan with updates on the application to the latest version, of course a lot of the new features in google-party input to make the performance of these applications faster and better. So it's good you always update this application in order to be able to speed up google chrome while in use.

2. Clear Cache

Users in the recommend to always clean the cache that is already piling up at least once a week or even better do as often as possible so that the fast performance of google chrome is still awake. Well to do this is very easy, just by going to the settings menu = > Installed apps = > search application google chrome and Clear Cache.

3. Disable Javascript

To disable the Javascript you need only open the chrome apliaksi > = settings = site  settings = > > then here you choose JavaScript then change from Allowed to become Blocked. But it needs to be remembered, if you disable this feature should only on Web sites that just want to access at any time. Because when you disable these features later in the website requires a login, or display photos and videos we recommend users revert to original version due to the many functions and features which uses JavaScript as its needs.

4. Reduce Data Usage

Reduce data usage on google chrome itself can be said also suffice it easy because by default Google Chrome application itself also already provide the feature. Users just need to open up the settings on this application further please choose the Data Server beforehand and slide into on position off. Where by doing these tips, google chrome automatically it will send a request to Google's servers and then return to the user however with the quantity that is already in the compress it first.

5. improve Memory Google Chrome

To do this, open the apliaksi google chrome on your phone, then write chrome://flags/#max-tiles-for-interest areas in the address bar. After open now you tap an existing default writing beneath it and turn into 512. Next tap the Relaunch Now direct You to finish and try.


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