5 Best Apps to Sync Facebook Contacts to Android

Buletin UP, 5 Best Apps to Sync Facebook Contacts to Android - The following is a list of the 5 best applications for Facebook with Contact Sync Android phones. This application allows you to import your Facebook Contacts in the form of profile pictures and/or other details with a phone book on your Android phone.

While some of these applications will align all details automatically and synchronize only the profile image. Matching and synchronization of individual photo for each Contact also becomes your choice.

 5 Best Apps to Sync Facebook Contacts to Android


5 Best Apps to Sync Facebook Contacts to Android
This is one of the best sync app for your Social Network accounts. In fact, Contacts + has been specially designed to replace your Default contacts features (phonebook). Contacts + can draw a profile image and other details of the most popular Social Networking service i.e. Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare.

Contacts + has a very beautiful interface with the option to switch between 4 different themes. Contacts + is an application contact your daily & application dialer, backed up with text messages, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and more – all in one place.


5 Best Apps to Sync Facebook Contacts to Android

HaxSync for Android is a simple but complete application to sync Facebook contacts with Android devices. Use HaxSync have an easy setup process, and allows you to authenticate your Facebook account and synchronize your contacts in one place.

You can choose whether You want to align the existing Contacts only, or you can choose to align with all your Facebook contacts to your Android phone. HaxSync will synchronize Facebook profile photos, events, and creating the features of notifications from Facebook profile.


5 Best Apps to Sync Facebook Contacts to Android

UberSync Facebook Contact Sync is another application to sync Facebook contacts. UberSync has a variety of settings so you can set synchronization behavior for the application. You can set whether to synchronize all the contacts from Facebook or not, and adjust the resolution of the image as well.

To configure, add the account or status check, go to "Settings = > Account." Depending on how many friends you have on your Facebook account then imports the first contact may take a while, so be patient.


5 Best Apps to Sync Facebook Contacts to Android

Sync.me is not just an app for Facebook Contacts with Android. Sync.Me also has the feature of Caller ID applications and applications call blocker, too. Sync.Me connects with Facebook to get user information and update your phonebook.

The profile pictures will be applied within the default Android phone book as well. And Yes, as I mentioned, this app also acts as the application CallerID. Matching contacts Facebook really complete!


5 Best Apps to Sync Facebook Contacts to Android
Contact Picture Sync is another application that requires settings in a few simple steps. All you need to do is log into Facebook, and applications Contact Picture Sync it will match the right name and synchronize your profile picture.

Application Contact Picture this Sync does not support Auto-sync, and you must match and synchronize the contacts manually.

Note : If you have downloaded some applications above, and confused by way of using them. See the article on how to Sync Facebook Contacts to Android


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