5 Best Applications From Microsoft For Android

5 Best Applications From Microsoft For Android - Microsoft is the biggest and best companies in developing software from a very long time until none of the technology companies that want to compete at their level, most of them prefer to be friends than trying to usurp their position.

Although Microsoft has excelled in everything to do with software, applications for different OS. but there is still one place where he has gained fame, in the case of Android which is a popular OS for smartphones, Microsoft has also been participated by making multiple applications to the platform on this one.

Microsoft's own very promising the quality known in Windows software and applications, thus they also carry its flagship applications to Android. But since hasn't gotten more attention, many users may not know about anything they put on the Android platform.

Well, when you switch users from a Windows Phone to Android and it's dependencies with Microsoft products, it would probably make you become fond of using Android.

Here is our best auto summary few applications from Microsoft for android:

1.Microsoft Office

5 Best Applications From Microsoft For Android

The famous Windows software has been available for Android smartphones and tablets are the same as in PC, they share them one by one. You can view, edit, even read document files from applications Word, Excel and Power Point directly from Your device.

2.Next Lock Screen

5 Best Applications From Microsoft For Android

By using Lock Screen app, you can easily see the notification and add shortcuts to frequently you use without having to open the device first. While there are many similar applications, but these applications are simply calculated because it has some nice features and performance.


5 Best Applications From Microsoft For Android

Make a note of yours and the one like the book, you can also pin the note text, images, audio and others on this application. Although many of the application note on Android such as Evernote, many also assumes the application is more in line with their functions.

4.Office Lens

5 Best Applications From Microsoft For Android

Use this application when you're document scanner tools needed, because Office Lens capable of converting the image to the form of PDF files, Word and Power Point simply by directing the camera to document object.

5 Best Applications From Microsoft For Android

Cloud Storage mainstay on Android is certainly Google Drive, and when the data is full most likely definitely switched to DropBox. However, when all the Free Cloud Storage both were also full. sample OneDrive from Microsoft, they share the 15GB storage free for new users.

Most applications from Microsoft is made for business purposes, if you are looking for a powerful application to support your business Android device then no better than Microsoft. In addition to business applications, there are also several types of interactive applications that you can try.


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