5 Best 3D RPG Offline Games For Android 2017

Best 3D RPG Offline Games For Android - One of the many games favored by users of android are RPG games. Especially the RPG games that use 3D graphics. In the RPG game with 3D graphics, we can play the game with the look of a very riveting. Just because the game is RPG game with characteristic plays a role, then the kabanyakan RPG games should be played with an internet connection.

But quiet enough, in this list, you will know all the 3D RPG games offline the best you can play. You can play a variety of in-game RPG peram form.

The 5 Best 3D RPG Offline Games For Android 2017

List of all games come with the download link below allows you to find the game on the play. Please click the download link if you are interested in playing the game.

1. The Chronicles Inotia 4: Assassin Of Berkel

This game as a continuation of the earlier series titled The Chronicles of Inotia 3: Childern of Carnia. 3D RPG games offline have been popular among users of android, with a really cool anime style.

You can play this game by applying 15 skil vary at each level. In addition, you also need to select the class to create a pertarunganmu, such as the Black Knight, Assassin, Sorcerer, Priest and Ranger.

Features In-Game :
  • There are 6 classes that you can select in the 3D RPG games offline. There is a class of Black Night, Assasin, Warlock. Priest, and Ranger. In each class there were to 15 different skill.
  • There are several languages options in-game 
  • There are more than 400 travel map for you are going through.

2. Soulcraft – Action RPG

Not wrong, if the Soulcraft entered in the category of the Best 3D RPG Offline Games For Android. 3D RPG games offline the hosts developers MobileBits GmbH was entered into the category of adventure games. In addition, the game features action smacked of visual display and 3D graphics are really cool. Later, you will be on the invite adventure to win the game.

In the adventure, you will face a very challenging obstacles and hurdles that need to be able to continue the game you are going through. Don't worry, because you can play you liking.

In-Game Features :
  • Supported 3D graphics with a very remarkable.
  • The location used in the game comes from the real world, such as in Rome, Hamburg, New york, Egypt and others.
  • There are five game modes, time run, arena, hellgate, crystall defense and boss fight
  • You can play the game in multiplayer.

3. Shadowrun: Dragonfall DC

The game brings the medieval fantasy theme that is rich in this mystery work in Shadowrun: owned by Dragonfall. This game is very good if I think. Why? Because these games actually have a visual display and the graphics are very cool.

3D RPG games offline that genre this cyberpunk can make you welcome in the play. As many of you will be on the invite to explore the new world filled with technology advances. Not only that, you will also be accompanied by the creatures that exist in the fantasy stories such as dwarves, elves, and other meta-humans beings.

In-Game Features :

  • The world of the year 2054 built showed the world in the future, looks very interesting.
  • Skill of each character that you play will increase along with the journey that you do.
Note : To be able to play 3D offline gameRPG this, android you must be at least version 4.4, and large game files are 755 MB., just great. Remember, this game specifically for adults. Kontenya 17 + rating.

4. Dungeon Hunter 4

As a well-known developer Gameloft has developed a gaming adventure for android brings out its newest game, i.e. Dungeon Hunter 4. You can meet the challenges that exist in each stage with different difficulty levels in real time. This game also in claims as the visual game best graphics

In addition, the game also had the 5th series. So if you are curious with a storyline that is owned by this game, you can download it from the start of the first series to last

In-Game Features :
  • There are 4 hero character that you can choose a different battle style.
  • Fight with friend fellow players in an arena game co-op
  • This game is interesting for those of you who like dark fantasy games.


5. Reaper

Two dimensional action game which contained elements of RPG has been owned by the Reaper. You will fight with two groups who have the mission to rule the world by controlling a mysterious character who awakens in a cave.

Games bergrafis cool you can also play for free. You not will never get bored. However, to proceed to the level above 10 you have to buy it. Due to the free version is only up to level 10 only.

In-Game Features :
  • Games you can play on your mobile phone, Tablet, or the TV
  • Support for using HID game (kontroller I, shield, Nyko, and others.
  • You can play on NVIDIA SHIELD



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