Wiko specification Highway puree, Thinnest 4g LTE cell phone in the world

Wiko specification Highway thinnest puree, 4 g LTE cell phone in the world was able to beat competitors and many got the eyes of the public, manufacturers of smartphones should be able to bring a smartphone with a design as attractive as possible. As the original manufacturer of this France that is rumored to have released smartphone super thin. New smartphone named Wiko pure Highway.

Yes, that is indeed pure Wiko Highway smartphone that comes with a very slim design, where the thickness of the different themes only 5.1 millimeters only, it's unimaginable how thin this smartphone. Despite carrying the body of thin, but the tandem component specification on the phone is a tool that is quite powerful. In addition, it features support 4 g LTE also accompanies this smartphone. Curious to the specifications of the pure Highway full of Wiko? just check out the reviews here.

On a thin body i.e. 5.1 mm are equipped with screens measuring 4.8 inches. Although not so extensive, however this Pure Highway Wiko screen already adopted the AMOLED technology, so the resulting display already seems so clear. Not only that, this phone has a screen resolution of 720 p HD, so in creating a great view will be more perfect. Unfortunately, it is not yet known whether also get screen protectors-protection or not.

In the sector of the kitchen runway, smartphone Wiko Highway Pure relies on power from a Quad core processor has a speed of 1.2 GHz, coupled with the support of Qualcomm's Snapdragon Chipset crime series 410. Four-core processor 64-bit is still supported with 2 GB of RAM memory. With the components offered, it appears clearly if this smartphone is capable of running a variety of applications and games.

The presence of large-capacity i.e. internal memory 16 GB will add to the completeness of the Pure Highway Wiko smartphone. So it needs a lot of storage data is not constrained further. Furthermore, there is a microSD slot that can be used to add external memory. Super thin Smartphone Wiko Pure Highway also features an audio feature reliable with 3.5 mm audio jack.

You will still be able to take a set and capture a pivotal moment in your life with this super thin cell phone. Because it's still pure Wiko Highway serves dual cameras front and back. Where on the camera behind it has a full-sized lens 8 megapixels with LED flash, front camera, and relies on the 5-megapixel lenses?

More interestingly, the pure Highway Wiko smartphones already supporting this network is currently the fastest 4 g LTE. With a network, you'll get your upload and download speeds reach 150 Mbps. This feature is powered by battery 2000 Mah. Battery capacity is not so great, but with the capacity of a smartphone will remain lit until a full day with normal use.

For those of you who are interested in wanting to buy a smartphone, you should be a bit more patient because for the price of Wiko Highway Mashed up until now this has not been well known. In addition, they also have yet to reveal when the new super thin smartphone that will be officially marketed.


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