Virus Protection For Android Tablet

Virus Protection For Android Tablet - Android is an operating system for Smartphones that are experiencing rapid growth. Android was developed personally by Google until the latest changes and updates are ready to be released, and the information about the source code also disclosed to the public.The large number of smartphones using the android operating system into the target certain people to benefit by creating a virus that attacks the android.Here are some free Antivirus for Android smartphone that can protect you from virus threats

1.Bitdefender Antivirus Free

BitDefender Free Antivirus is a powerful and fast solution that uses in-the-cloud scanning technology to arm your Android device with the very latest virus detection.You can simply install it on Android and is ready for use without any configuring. BitDefender offers Free Antivirus and antivirus protection on all Android threat.
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2.Avira Free Android Security

Many applications available that claim to protect the device, but just a little superior like Avira Free Android Security. This application is highly recommended for users of security. ANTIVIRUS PROTECTION

  • The detection Block and remove malicious applications.
  • Automatic scanning Apps are scanned at the time of installation and updates.
  • On-demand scanning Scan apps at your convenience.
  • Minimal resource consumption of virus definition updates Over-the-water.
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3.AVG AntiVirus Security

AVG AntiVirus free for Android and protect you from malicious viruses such as malware, spyware, etc. text messages will help keep your personal data more secure. More than 70 million people have installed AVG antivirus security mobile applications. With AVG Android application you will receive effective, easy to use to ward off viruses and malware protection, as well as real-time scanner app, phone locator, killer task, app locker, and local device wipe to help protect You from the threat of identity theft and your online privacy.
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4.AVAST Mobile Security & Antivirus

Protect your Android phone and tablet with top rated (4.6 stars) free mobile security Application with antivirus and anti theft.
- AVAST Mobile Security keep your device safe from virus, malware and spyware.
- This helps you find Your lost phone via our web-based phone features.
- the remote device and the button will erase memory in Anti Theft art component will keep your data safe
- useful tools such as the meter network, firewall and even the application Manager gives you complete control of your mobile phone.
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5.TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security

TrustGo is a free mobile security applications 100% which was ranked No. 1 by the AV TEST to provide the best Android Security.
TrustGo is one of the most powerful Android security apps we've seen and it's absolutely free.
TrustGo protects you from malware that current and most dangerous viruses PLUS application which can steal your privacy, identity and your data.
In addition, TrustGo offers a "Find My Phone
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6.NQ Antivirus Free
NQ provides Free Antivirus protection is the latest Android phone. and10 million users already enjoy NQ Free Antivirus.NQ features Free Antivirus offers a complete mobile security package. Real-time antivirus protection keeps you safe from the latest virus threats and malicious applications.Simple but effective, NQ Free Antivirus is easier, faster and lighter on your battery than anything else.
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7.Lookout Security & Antivirus

The lookout Security Antivirus offers protection & important for mobile phones and tablet you against malware, viruses, loss and theft.

  • Best app EVER! Found my lost phone using Lookout.
  • Best Anti Virus for Android phones.
  • Security, back-up and locator all in one. Love it.
The lookout Security and Antivirus available in Germany, France, Japan, Spain, Portugal, China, Korea, Russia and Poland.
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8.Virus Fighter Antivirus Free

A thorough antivirus solutions to protect your Android device from the latest malware threats.
This is a complete list of features:
  • Regular updates keep you protected from the latest threats
  • Real time scanning when you search email and use the application
  • On demand scanning
  • Security Advisory
  • The Privacy Advisor
  • Application Manager
  • Quickly scanning technology
  • Small footprint with low battery consumption
  • Scheduled scanning
  • Fully customizable settings
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