4 Educational Games Best Newest Android

4 Educational Games Best Newest Android - Children's Educational Games Latest best Android – Educational Games is a game that provides instruction, education and a lot of things that are suitable for children's brain development. The most fundamental benefits of improving children's learning ability early on. at the moment, arguably the gadget are a necessity for everyone. Including the kids. Children of the waters were familiar and even almost all children already know and given their parents gadgets such as the Ipad or tablet or Hanphone.

However, this behavior may negatively impact, when using the gadget for children without parental supervision. Therefore, it is very necessary supervision and vigilance of parents awarding gadget on early childhood. For example, to children aged under two years old, maybe older people who can soothe children him ditontonkan way video or pictures on your mobile phone. It is not entirely good and perhaps not advisable because the light on the screen hp for children under two years of age can damage the eyes.

In the meantime, we recommend that the gadget was given the parents in the age of more than 10 years and currently must be given at the age of below, then pinjamkan your own gadget, but with restrictions on time. A boy with a hobby playing gadget will usually take a day. This is not good because aside from the light that damage the eyes, the children will tend to be lazy to socialize with friends or work on other things like homework from school.

Children's educational games for android can be given by parents with reasonable limits without the need to provide a handle to the child enough hp. played when hours of time in the direction of a particular study or sleep or other times.

The following four educational games for children, especially for children ages 3-5 years that can be given to the child's mother of gold and can be downloaded at google play, such as:

1.Games marbel learn letters

This game is suitable for children who are learning and memorizing Letter accompanied by the strains of the music is so fun when playing.

2.Games kids math-kindergarten

Very suitable for kids to learn math from exciting calculate and memorize the numbers that accompanied the animation that makes it not get bored.

3.Games marbel hijaiyah

For children who are in the early stages of studying the Quran, the game is so exciting. In addition to the child memorize the Arabic Letter (Alif), children also know how the letter is pronounced. But it will make the child Spirit in the Qur'an.

4.Animal sounds games

Sensory sensitivity listeners also enrich children's knowledge about animals can be trained through this game. So the children will know the various existing animal dikelilingnya. The role of parents as an escort also needed here, as it does not have to hurt animals and should be preferred.

So this article, hopefully can help and benefit for mothers who need educational games android reference.


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